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"augmented" soccer

For an innovative management
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Achieving and Maintaining Competitive Advantage through Training

Increase the value of your investments.
Ginkyo soccer technology allows you to get more value out of your your sports workforce.
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General Manager
Capitalize and secure your know-how.
Ginkyo soccer technology helps you transform your club into a learning learning organization. learning organization.
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Sports Director
Promote high-potential young people from the training center
Ginkyo soccer technology allows you to strengthen the link between the training center and the project of the professional team. team project.
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Director of the training center
Manage the training and ensure the pedagogical follow-up with method.
Ginkyo soccer technology helps you to be even more efficient in the training, planning and planification and recruitment process.
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Recruiting Manager
Have objective information to make the best decisions
Ginkyo soccer technology helps you objectify performance and potential to support a decision and justify an investment.
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A unique offer for training clubs

The excellence of training and the development of your sports workforce
Promote high-potential young people athletically and financially

The individualized and objectified monitoring of the athlete's performance gives you a true predictive tool dedicated to planification. With Ginkyo soccer technology visualize the performance and financial trajectories of high-potential players in the training center.

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For an even more individualized training of excellence

The precise knowledge of individual profils, the follow-up of performance trajectories allow to help the athlete by better adjusting attitudes, expectations, requirements and learning methods.
Ginkyo soccer technology allows you to set up an individualized training and therefore better adapted to your needs and the needs of the athlete.
Develop potential to the maximum to achieve excellence!

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Detect and recruit the best potentials

Ginkyo soccer technology is based on a recognized evaluation method THESAURUS-FOOTBALL©. This 360° evaluation allows to detect and objectify very early the existence of an "innate" and hidden potential. The club thus has a real decision-making tool in the process of early detection of young high potentials.

The quality of detection conditions the future success of the athletes and that of the training center.

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Let's move forward together to train the footballers of the 21st century

Adapted to your work environment and to meet your needs, we have developed FootAcademia.

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    Our reason for being

    Develop the intelligences

    The Ginkyo soccer technology project is motivated by a defi: to prove that soccer is a great sport to develop the intelligence of Men and Women.

    Performance and excellence in 21st century soccer is a consequence of developing different forms of complementary intelligence to the maximum. This development implies the implementation of an athlete-centered training. In theory, all those involved in training will tell you that they are pursuing this objective. But in practice, it's something else. Ginkyo soccer technology allows us to implement a training program focused on the athlete's soccer intelligence in a very operational way. Our philosophy for recruiting, training, promoting and developing potential is based on an ethical approach to soccer: "Develop intelligence to the fullest and help young people achieve a career appropriate to their potential..."

    At Ginkyo soccer technology, all work is driven by our purpose.

    Ginkyo soccer technology, the training of footballers for the 21st century

    The project "Club Formateur du 21ème century"


    PSG wins the 2023 intangible prize

    70% of the value of the sports workforce is intangible (off-balance sheet).
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    MHSC wins the 2022 intangible prize

    The Trophées de l'Immatériel (Intangible Assets Trophies) are aimed at highlighting French soccer clubs that invest in their training centers in particular, and that have achieved results in terms of intangible value creation.
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    Value of the OL workforce as of December 31, 2021

    390.8 M€ is the fair value of Olympique Lyonnais' sports workforce as of December 31, 2021, evaluated according to the Thesaurus-Football® methodology. 74.9% of the value of Olympique Lyonnais' sports workforce is off-balance sheet....
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    SRFC wins the 2021 Intangible Award

    Taking into account the value of the Red and Black Academy, the Stade Rennais F.C. comes out on top of the League 1 intangible award 2021...
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    Launch of the High Potential Football Working Group

    Creating the digital twin of high potential soccer players...
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    Value of OL's workforce as of June 30, 2021

    401.5 M€ is the fair value of Olympique Lyonnais' sports workforce as of June 30, 2021, evaluated according to the Thesaurus-Football® methodology. 66% of the value of the sports workforce is off-balance sheet...
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    Continuation of the partnership with the OL

    The OL continues its collaboration with Footacademia to reinforce the excellence of its academy and to enhance the value of its sports staff.
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    the first "barometer of the intangible assets of soccer clubs

    The intangible value of a workforce is three times its balance sheet value...
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