Training center offer

The professional platform dedicated to the training of high level soccer players

The issues facing
of training clubs

  • The number of places is limited
  • The level of requirement is very high
  • Young players are constantly evolving
  • The training time is very short
  • The recruitment perimeter is geographically reduced
  • Sporting competition between clubs is exacerbated
  • The recruitment of young people is becoming increasingly early and internationalized
  • High expectations of youth and families
  • The influence of agents
  • Coach turnover

The solution

Focus your efforts on the future top athletes, not just the current top athletes.
Be especially effective in the training process
Secure and capitalize on your know-how
Enhance the sporting and financial value of the best potentials.
To regularly produce young professional players who will contribute to the success of the first team and who will then be valued on the transfer market.
Des outils pédagogiques et collaboratifs

Secure and enhance your sports workforce
Track, analyze and plan
Drive and deliver excellence in training
A high level of personalized supervision
Strengthen your socio-educational project
Opt for a collaborative and educational platform dedicated to high-level soccer training.

Use the recognized Thesaurus-Football© method to implement and manage your training policy to meet the requirements of your professional team and national youth teams.

By making a direct link between the quality of training and the creation of financial value, and by making it possible to objectify decision-making, the FootAcademia platform is positioned as the first strategic management tool for training clubs.

With the FootAcademia collaborative platform you will have a user-friendly interface and the most advanced technologies to efficiently manage your sports workforce, optimize training, track performance, plan for the future and recruit.

Drive and deliver a
sports training of excellence

To bring out each year
high potential professional players!

Director of the training center
  • Dashboards
  • Training follow-up
  • Follow-up of the competitions
  • Remedies
  • Follow-up of learning
  • Planning
  • Training management
  • Match management
  • Analysis and evaluations
  • Statistics
  • Calendar
Athletic Trainers
  • Plan your sessions
  • Monitoring and analysis of performance tests
  • Athletic profiles
  • Quantification of training loads
  • Centralization, security and sharing of administrative documents
  • School follow-up
  • Athlete's biography
Video & Data Analyst
  • Centralization and distribution of videos
  • Use of video to observe and understand
Sports Director
  • Dashboard
  • Individualized sports follow-up
  • Annual planning
Family & players
  • Graphic supports for the interviews
  • Skills assessment
  • Individual player project
Mental Trainer
  • Assessment of multiple intelligences
  • Soccer IQ Assessment
  • Planning your sessions
  • Individual player report
Medical staff
  • Medical check-up
  • Privacy management
  • Calculation of the physical resistance capacity
  • Calculation of unavailability
  • Biometric monitoring, biological age
  • Calculation of the maturity coefficient
  • Injury prevention

A high level of personalized follow-up

To meet the objectives of individualization of training and selection/promotion of future top athletes, organize prognostic evaluations with the recognized Thesaurus-Football© method.

Prognostic assessment
  • Standardized semi-annual prognostic assessments
  • Selection of relevant criteria for future performance
  • Assessment of current performance level
  • Predictive Assessment of Performance at the Age of Elite
Prognostic assessment
  • Complete competency profile
  • Estimated potential
  • Taking into account the maturity
  • Assessments and interpretations of the technical staff
Individual player project
  • Pedagogical assessment for the athlete's progress
  • Identification of strengths and areas to be strengthened
  • Customization of learning objectives
  • Collaboration with parents for monitoring and progress
Decision support
  • Route models
  • Predictive analysis of performance trajectories
  • Follow-up of learning
  • Objectivation of decision making and orientation projects

anticipate and plan

Pedagogical follow-up

- Monitoring of your training program
- Analysis of successes or dysfunctions
- Remediation


- Player comparison
- Classification to inform your decisions
- Production of rankings


- Athlete's journey
- Predictive analysis of sports performance


- Workforce Planning
- Promotion

Strengthen your socio-educational project

Growing the man and the footballer

In addition to the lessons taught at school, soccer and its training, the mental preparation sessions
allow young people to develop multiple intelligences.
FootAcademia allows you to avoidalue the soccer IQ of your players and develop their potential to the maximum.

Collective performance is a consequence of individual intelligence!

With FootAcademia, put intelligence
at the heart of training
- Identify and develop all forms of intelligence
- Individualize teaching (differentiated teaching)
- Rely on the naturally stronger intelligences to develop the others
- Work on the complementarities and synergy of the profiles to improve the competitiveness of the team
The intelligence
visio-spatial intelligence

Able to place andand moveand move with efficiency on the the terrtion. Able
to anticipate, to see aheade what is going to happen.

Body intelligence
kinesthetic intelligence

Able to use all or part of his/her body effectively in the game, to be skillful with the ball, skillful in his/her movements.
Able to multi-task.

The intelligence
interpersonal intelligence

Able to understand others to participate in a collective, to be collective, to make cohesion, to show solidarity and and empathy. Able be a leader in the locker room, to bring a solution to a collective.


Able to evaluate themselves, to reflect on their actions, to impose discipline on themselves, to be organized to setto set goals, priorities.
Has a strong intrinsic motivation, good stress management
stress management, self-confidence, a positive attitudee.

The intelligence
mathematical intelligence

Able to hold a rlogical reasoning, to to search for causes and consequencestions of a of a game situation, a spirit of of analysis and synthesis, a good sense of deduction.

Detect and recruit
the best potentials

  • Steering the observation work
  • Follow the evolution of the observed players
  • Identify young people with the potential to reach the highest level
  • Decision support in recruitment choices
  • Plan the observation work
  • Conduct standardized systematic assessments on a custom basis
  • Objectivize performance and potential
  • Build your recruitment scenarios
  • Share your recruitment projects with the training center
  • Help in making effective and collective decisions