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Ginkyo Football Technology
Sports evaluation
Financial valuation
Data science & statistics
Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
Digital twins
To get a real-time view of the club's
of the club's training activity,
linking people, expertise and data.
and data.

To make predictions in the specific
the specific context of sports performance
performance and the financial
of soccer players.

Digital twins to objectify, predict and act with efficiency

An athlete is + 30 000 data collected during his training

The Thesaurus Football© digital twin is the virtual and digital representation of a football player of a soccer player throughout his or her training/professional development

An objective, living, complete and predictive representation.
To promote collaboration, optimize training actions, reduce risks and costs.

From the U14 to the professional team, all players have their digital twins that can be consulted by the entire technical staff.

Protect and develop your know-how
with our exclusive technology

The quest for excellence!

We have developed technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to capture and objectify the way actors think. The challenge is to :
- Capitalize on the know-how and experience of the technical staff.
- Share and transmit technical and pedagogical expertise (best practice).
- Reinforce the values and culture of the club.
- Harmonize work methods.
- Analyze successes and failures to better understand why and to develop practices to serve excellence.
- Enable the board of directors to make the best decisions and plan for the future.

Artificial Intelligence & data science

  • Data acquisition
  • Data analysis
  • Data Science
  • Data visualization

Reinvent yourself and gain in efficiency with our data

Since 2012 we have been collecting sports and non-sports performance data from all BIG5 players and we now have a considerable database.
This data is essential for our AI models to be trained and to make robust projections.
In order to give you a real competitive advantage, we put at your disposal our data banks which are increasing every year by 30 to 40%.


How can we help you?

  • Detection of high potentials
  • Individual or collective monitoring of performance trajectories
  • Individual or collective follow-up of financial valuation trajectories
  • Player comparison
  • Customized studies and algorithms

Assess overall performance and potential with the Thesaurus-Football© standard

Thesaurus-Football© - Assessment tool
The evaluation frame of reference
Kinesthetic intelligence
Visual-spatial intelligence
Intra-personal intelligence
Interpersonal Intelligence
+300 KPIs

key performance indicators to objectively and impartially measure the information required to optimize and manage training and performance

The reality of the field

Statistical indicators can lead to misunderstandings about the real performance and value of players!

Per game, the player touches the ball on average

The contact time with the ball is on average


The Thesaurus-Football' method allows you to evaluate, analyze and contextualize with objectivity and precision the global performance of athletes with and without the ball.

Furthermore, the evaluation goes beyond the purely sporting framework and allows for the measurement of more complex psychological criteria, in particular the personality of the athletes.

The challenge is to train, step by step, a player who is as complete as possible and capable of playing for the first team.

Our customers inspire us every day to work smarter and go further.

Research & Innovation

Our strategic partnership with the Camille Jordan Institute (a mathematics research laboratory) allows us to develop complex and customized algorithms to meet your needs.